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I returned to my corporate job as a network administrator after an incredible 5 week overseas vacation, I was golden brown from the summer in the other side of the world and refreshed and relaxed as I walked back into the office.

I was also excited, because weeks prior to leaving my boss had asked me to complete a massive workload in preparation for a large project that was to be completed during my absence. Having poured all my energy and passion into making sure everything was ready I was excited to see it completed by the time I returned.

That excitement, however turned into despair when I found out that absolutely nothing had been done and everything had been waiting for me until my return. All the energy and time I had spent prior to leaving, wasted.

I did something surprising that my boss did not expect. I walked into his office with a piece of paper in my hand and after 15 year’s in the I.T industry I handed in my resignation.

It was time to leave the corporate world and pour my energies and passions into an endeavour where I could enjoy the fruits of my labour. I decided that I wanted to be a small business entrepreneur. But a large scary questions loomed over me, What skills and knowledge did I have to run and build a successful business? As it turns out, the I.T industry had taught me a lot.

What does IT have to do with owning a window cleaning business?

A good technical knowledge about computers, servers and software is essential if you want to work in I.T, but something else just as important is required.


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